1. 1952

    Aristides Daskalopoulos founds DELTA in Athens, Greece. A small family business producing and distributing dairy products.

  2. 1967


    DELTA enters the ice cream market with simple flavors such as vanilla and cocoa while at a later stage, FLOREAL ice cream is added to its portfolio.

  3. 1980

    DELTA becomes the leader in the Greek ice cream market in terms of both production and sales.

  4. 1982


    ALOMA becomes available in the Greek market

  5. 1984


    MAGNUM enters the Greek market.

  6. 1991


    BOSS enters the market with just two flavors.

  7. 1991

    DELTA expands its activities in other countries in the Balkans area and becomes one of the biggest and most competitive ice cream companies in the whole region.

  8. 1996


    The iconic NIRVANA enters the market with just to flavors available in sizes of 180 ml & 850 ml.

  9. 1999


    BOSS with an innovative architecture introduces two products with double coating and syrup in-between.

  10. 2006


    DELTA ice creams are fully acquired by Nestlé, changing name to Nestlé Ice Cream Hellas SA.

  11. 2010

    BOSS introduces FULL Gianduja. The first ice cream of the FULL series and the first ice cream with big pieces.

  12. 2016


    Nestlé and R&R join their forces and create FRONERI, a company dealing exclusively with the production and distribution of ice cream. Today, FRONERI owns and manages some of the most iconic and worldwide known brands.

  13. 2017


    OREO Ice cream is available in the market

  14. 2018


    LACTA becomes available in the fridges.

  15. 2019


    NIRVANA presents an innovative architecture with the NIRVANA Choco Fudge.

  16. 2020


    The unique MERENDA becomes also an ice cream!

  17. 2021


    Nirvana Choco Fudge Caramel & Choco Wafer with a new pioneering architecture also in a packing of 0.85L

  18. 2022


    NUII available in Greece

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