13th Century






The history of ice cream probably lies in the collected myths which begin in our neighboring Italy. It is said then that the emperor Nero sent legionnaires to bring snow back from the mountains which he then had mixed with fruit, ths is, something like water ice.. or ice cream! Marco Polo also tasted ice cream on his long journeys to distant China… But the first real ice cream was served by the wife of President James Madison of the United States at one of her husband’s receptions.

There in America, at the end of the 19th century, was where mass production of ice cream began.

Centuries later, and specifically in the 13th century, Marco Polo brought recipes for what was called water ice back to Italy from his journeys to Asia.

These famous recipes became widely known throughout the rest of Europe, and by the 1700s ice cream was not only being commercially sold, but so were ice cream recipe books!

The first ice cream making factory was established in Baltimore in the United States by Jacob Fussell, in 1851.

Later ice cream making factories began to spread and became thriving businesses, particularly after 1900. Slowly many ice cream making processes became standardized in order to secure the best quality product given the conditions of that time.

Today we have reached the point where we talk about “factory made” ice cream, which was developed to meet the huge demand created by the popularity of the product with the general public.

These factory-produced ice cream products meet all the standards of safety and hygiene, without forgetting the traditional recipes, and provide the basis for continuing improvement s to the unique flavors and pleasures which this product, now centuries old, continues to offer.