Did you know that…

Ice creams do not contain any preservatives?
Yes! Because of their nature, they simply do not need them as long as they are retained in the freezer, which is proven to be the best method of maintenance. So, enjoy without fear!

A balanced diet can even include ice cream?
In a balanced diet, we do not need to be deprived of anything. We can enjoy all foods as long as we do not lose the sense of the measure and not forget to exercise often which has very important health benefits

Ice cream is a treat that can be consumed without fear all year round?
Ice cream apart from refreshing is also enjoyable. A treat that can be included in our diet all year around without fear, combined with a balanced diet.




Put the food on a smaller dish to consume smaller portions.
Use the stairs instead of the elevator both at home and office,
go hiking on weekends or go shopping!!!
Sleep well!!! Sleep, as a natural state of rest, is a period of renewal and an essential factor for our mental and spiritual health. Try to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours every night.
Spend more time each day with yourself.

We all want to look beautiful and the right diet in combination with physical exercise is the key to achieve it