New triple Oreo ice-cream delight


This year, Froneri launches two brand new Oreo ice-creams, one that comes in a cone and one in stick and makes your summer - cookielicious.

New triple Oreo ice-cream delight

And there is more good news on the way! Froneri twists the plot and presents the favorite OREO cup with a renewed recipe for even greater pleasure!

Is this possible? Positively

Try the new Oreo cone and its ultimate chocolate flavour biscuit cone with chocolate flavour coating, filled with vanilla flavour ice cream with crushed cookie pieces (and topped with crushed chocolate flavour cookie pieces with a vanilla flavour filling, and taste the magic of a real Oreo ice-cream!

In case you prefer ice-cream on a stick, look for the new Oreo Mini stick package. Six delicious vanilla flavour ice cream sticks, with crushed chocolate flavour biscuit pieces with vanilla flavour filling, coated in crushed chocolate flavour biscuit with a vanilla flavour filling, and let the taste captivate your senses in the very first bite.

And if you are you looking for extra lasting pleasure…then try the Oreo cup with the renewed recipe that combines creamy vanilla ice cream with a generous serving of original Oreo biscuit pieces, available in a super pack of 480ml.

This summer find your Oreo ice cream and taste a world full of fun!

Where? In every Froneri ice cream freezer!

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