NEW Familia Duo Choco Banana and dive into pleasure


Τhe world changes but some choices remain classic!

NEW Familia Duo Choco Banana and dive into pleasure

One of these choices is the combination of the cocoa with the banana… A classic and delicious combo! And when it turns into ice-cream…it gets even better.

Being a classic tastes lover? Familia Duo Choco Banana on a stick is for you! A unique dessert for every time you crave for guaranteed pleasure.

Coated with delicious cocoa ice-cream and stuffed with an unsurpassed banana flavored ice-cream, the new low-priced Familia Duo Choco Banana will become this summer’s standard choice for you.

Find the new Familia Duo Choco Banana in every Froneri ice-cream freezer and…keep in mind that: There is always time for dessert!

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